The Ford F-150 can haul lumber, steel stabs, cement blocks, and other industrial supplies with ease. It effectively moves hefty cargo using its fully boxed steel frame.

An F-150 truck has a boxed frame that consists of high-strength layers of steel. The cross sections are very large, which is beneficial because this design aspect provides stability. Although the steel is ridged, the boxed frame isn't hefty. This frame is very lightweight because the aluminum is rolled during the fabrication process.

Test driving a Ford F-150 is a convenient way to test its hardware before making an investment. In Sturgis, you'll find F-150 test drive opportunities at Auto Park Ford. We have an educated team of salesmen that can explain the benefits of key Ford features. Our salesmen can also recommend the best trucks for specific jobs or projects. On our lot, we have many Ford F-150 Raptor trucks, SuperCrew options, and more.



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