Work at Night in the Ford Super Duty Truck

Specializing in pickup truck sales, Auto Park Ford in Sturgis, MI has the latest selection of Ford Super Duty models. Clients can hop inside the cabins of the 450, 350 and 250 trims of this heavy-duty vehicle that is available with two versatile engine blocks.

This Ford pickup truck could be equipped with exterior lighting fixtures that significantly improve productivity in dark settings. For example, strobe lights may be installed on top of the roof or the front grille. These aftermarket accessories are connected to one of six upfitter switches that are integrated into the overhead console above the driver. If you need to clear a driveway that's covered in snow, just install a compatible plow that also works with the upfitter system. When working outside in an area with poor visibility, take advantage of the BoxLink system that comes with several powerful LED lights, which emit bright beams on the entire bed.

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