Before Visiting Auto Park Ford, Submit a Credit Application

Most drivers can take some time to fantasize about their dream cars and what they would buy or lease if money wasn't a factor. Snapping back to reality will leave anybody realizing that costs and prices are important, as is the ability to secure sensible auto financing for a new Ford lease or a used car loan here at our Sturgis, MI Ford dealership. To get started as you search for the perfect new Ford or a smart used car, submit this credit application today so you'll be ready to jump on a great deal. Press play to see why our new Ford models are worth financing, then visit from Angola or Howe today to get started.

Test driving a tech-filled new Ford is going to be far more exciting than waiting for your credit to be checked by our financing specialists when you visit from Three Rivers or Coldwater. But making sure you have your finances in order before signing off on a lease or new or used car loan is paramount, and the better your credit, the better rates you'll get.

With that said, even if you're struggling with credit or don't even have a history of borrowing money, we're able to work with you and our top lending partners to match you up with a deal. Not having credit or shopping with a poor score shouldn't prevent you from buying a car, a necessity for residents of this area of Michigan.

Head on over to Auto Park Ford today if you have any questions, or simply submit this credit application to get started on the car shopping process.

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