Exceptional New 2018 Performance Deals on Ford ROUSH and Ford Mustang Models

Ford ROUSH and the Ford Mustang give you a thrill like no other--now you can get a deal like no other with year-end 2018 Ford ROUSH Deals and 2018 Ford Mustang Deals. Whether you love tearing up the interstate in a slick muscle car like the Ford Mustang Convertible or prefer taking on the trails in an off-road optimized Ford ROUSH F-150, you can find the deal and the thrill of a lifetime at Auto Park Ford.

2019 models are on the way, so remaining 2018 Ford Mustang and 2018 Ford ROUSH F-150 models are being offered at special prices for incredible savings. Models like the Ford Mustang Shelby and the Ford ROUSH F-150 NITEMARE often come at a premium price, so discounts on these advanced custom models are rare.

The Ford Mustang

These powerful pony cars were classics the instant they hit the streets in 1964. We offer a complete lineup of powerful new Ford Mustang coupes and convertibles, each with all the power, styling, and technology it takes to keep a legend going strong for over a half a century.

ROUSH Performance

There's custom-built, then there's ROUSH. ROUSH has been in the custom game for decades, fine-tuning their components, techniques, and vehicles to push performance faster, further, and harder every time. The result? Light-duty pickup trucks with well over six hundred horses and street-legal muscle cars that could beat out half the vehicles that stay tied to the track.

Get the Heart-Racing Performance You Crave

Now's the time. Get your hands on a Ford Mustang or Ford ROUSH performance vehicle with steep savings while you still can at Auto Park Ford in Sturgis, MI.

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