2017 Ford Edge: The Ultimate Driving Tool

Whether you're driving late at night, or during a downpour —heck, even in broad daylight —it never hurts to have an extra hand on the road. The 2017 Ford Edge helps you prepare for the unexpected with an array of features geared to keeping you safe on every adventure.

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Adaptive Cruise Control doesn't just help maintain speed —it adjusts it automatically when it senses the potential of a frontal collision. Similarly, Ford's new Lane-Keeping System notifies you when it senses swerving or unintentional lane drifting. In addition, Ford's BLIS (Blind Sport Information System) gives you a 360-degree sense of your surroundings even if your own eyes can't get one.

Driving a 2017 Ford Edge isn't just about style —it's about a track-inspired performance that gives you an edge on the road. Stop by Auto Park Ford today to checkout seasonal savings opportunities on the Ford Edge and our vast lineup of new and pre-owned Ford cars, trucks and SUVs.

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