2018 Ford Mustang Learns a New Trick: "Quiet Start"

When you're driving a powerful car, you probably expect it to make a little noise. You might even consider that to be a perk. The thing about noise though, is that it tends to not be as much fun for the people not driving the cool car. That's why Ford is adding an option for a Quiet Start mode to the 2018 Ford Mustang.

Available for the 2018 Mustang GT, Quiet Start will close the engine's valves to minimize noise when the you start it. With programmable settings, you can also set up persistent time frames during which Quiet Start will trigger automatically.

If you have an early work schedule, Quiet Start will reduce your engine noises to a whisper so you can start your day without annoying your sleeping neighbors.

Innovations like Quiet Start are Ford's way of keeping their classic and beloved brands relevant for modern drivers. To find out more, contact Auto Park Ford. Our staff will answer all your questions. Our Sturgis, MI lot has a thorough inventory of new Ford cars, including the excellent 2017 Mustang.

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